Simple Ways to Organize your Room

It is a nice feeling to have your very own space, whether it is a studio-type pad or just a small room because you can have privacy and comfort on your own. A small space will be enough as long as you know how to keep your personal belongings uncluttered. Below are simple ways to organize your room.

Simple Ways

Know your Needs and Wants

Classify the things which you need. Just like when spending money, needs should come first and then you can go with your wants if there is an extra. If you are just about to buy the stuff that you need, it will be a bit easier. However, if you are transitioning from a big space to a small one, you need to know how to let go of your stuff. Clothes, in particular, are one of the most loved things that you have to set free, especially if you are a female. Why not sort out your closet and sell them as pre-loved? That way, you can earn some money (even if you just sell it for less than 50% of its original price) and use it for more useful ways.

Keep it Conventional and Not Traditional

Two-door cabinets, dressers, and shoe racks are overrated these days. These furniture are only applicable for ancestral houses. Get modernized by checking out customized furniture instead. Bunk beds can save a lot of space. Beds with storage hidden underneath may also be an option. You can also use your carpentry skills for designing your own wall-hanged cabinets and save your room from dust. You can practice your creative skills by recycling shoeboxes, milk tin cans, bottles, and more.

To Keep or Not to Keep

One of the struggles of organizing is choosing which items should be easily seen. For example, the pairs of shoes that you use for your everyday life, no one would want to dig all the shoe boxes when running late for work. Thus, you should sort the things you usually wear. As for clothes, keep jackets hanged, work clothes in one space, and home clothes in one bin. You can also try storing them vertically folded if you have drawers at home. That way, putting them out one by one is no longer needed, as you can already see the colors of your clothes in just one pull.


Necklaces tend to tangle themselves so better hang them one by one. Earrings can be stored in separate jewelry plastics or medicine organizers to pick them up easily.


One way or another, you will find some of your stuff that you cannot categorize. For these, use a transparent plastic box so you can stack them pile by pile, and easily find your stuff without opening them one by one.

Organizing stuff is not that difficult and would not require lots of money if you know how to store and stack them in their respective place. In addition, if you want to make your small space a little bit larger, use mirrors or paint your room with bright colors.